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Zombie Nights: ZN is a first person shooter defence game. Zombie Nights will be cross platform(Android, iOS, web, Windows and MacOSX. To download for android it is available in the Google Play Store click here for the link. More information about Zombie Nights can be found at .

2D Platformer: This game is still in its very early stages(Doesn't even have a name yet). It will be released on Android and iOS. You can play the alpha here.

Wifi Robot: The purpose of this project is to build a fully functional robot that connects to a wifi network and is able to send/recive data through TCP/IP. Here is a short video of it in action.

Keylogger/Remote Admin Tool: This started as a project for my Ethical Hacking class in FIU, and turned into a fully functional and undetectably keylogger with a reverse connecting shell on the target's computer. More information and source can be found here.

Blog++: The goal of this project is to create a social network where developers can share code, learn, and collaberate with other developers, basically a Google Code and Facebook hybrid. The alpha can be found here.




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