Hello, I'm an indie game developer(and professional cloud storage developer) based in Austin TX!

Erick Barrera

Software Engineer ( Front-end / Back-end / Embedded )

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Welcome to my portfolio web page! I am a full stack developer with a focus on cloud storage backups and disaster recovery. I have experience in designing and implementing cloud-based solutions for various clients. My passion for technology extends beyond my work, as I enjoy staying up-to-date with the latest trends in cybersecurity, microcontrollers, and video game development. I am currently working on a game code named Life After.

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1991Born in Miami, Florida.
2013Released "Zombie Nights", an FPS game for android devices built with Unity3D game engine.
2014Lead developer for Ethichal Hacking course project "Simple Keylogger". View source and learn more here.
2015Graduated with a bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering from Florida Internation University. Full stack developer working on real time tracking of pharmaceutical deliveries using google maps API. Lead developer for senior design project. Worked on object recognition and embedd system code for a smart fridge. Started employment as a with Sabre(then Radixx International) as a BE developer working with EDIFACT messaging.
2020Started employment with IBM as a full stack cloud software engineer.

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Music, golf, games, playing guitar and my wife

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